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Process Landscapes: Forging Your Path through Dense Process Jungles

register-button.pngFriday, May 21, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m., PDT 

Imagine you walk into a department that was slowed down by functional silos, multiple hand-offs, unacceptable delays and backlogs. You are brought in to help. In your core, you know that you need to examine the processes behind all the work that’s happening in this department. Everyone is bringing questions to you, and you find yourself thinking: “Where do we start? I am not sure we know enough to select or prioritize the right processes to optimize the impact of process improvement efforts.” 

Now let’s raise the stakes: You’re in the midst of multiple ERP projects, and you don’t want to carry bad processes into new systems. How do you identify and tackle all processes under a large administrative area such as: Student administration, research administration, finance administration and so on? What can you do to surge awareness across departments, build consensus, and elevate the collaboration, while forging your way into organizing and sorting through complex process jungles? 

Come hear about a very structured framework we call the “process landscape” used to bring clarity and understanding to complex business processes.

In this session you'll learn: 

  1. A technique to consolidate and communicate information about the business processes across a large business area in a cohesive way  
  2. To build a solid foundation to prepare adequately before embarking on the journey of process improvement 
  3. An introduction to applications of this technique for process evaluation and intentional process transformation


  • Prachi Raheja, Program Manager, IT Services, UC San Diego

    Prachi Raheja, Program Manager, IT Services, UC San Diego

    Prachi Raheja is a Lean Six Sigma practitioner and has over 12 years experience in Lean practice. During this time, she has enjoyed establishing a culture of Lean, helping organizations understand their processes, analyzing processes using data and finding opportunities for improvement using Lean Six Sigma methodology. She's an engineer, MBA, and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. 

    At UC San Diego, she is the program manager for continuous improvement in the IT Services department. She is also responsible for managing the Lean Bench – a select group of campus expert practitioners of Lean Six Sigma methodology leading crucial efforts around process improvement, operational excellence and business efficiency.