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A Unique, First-of-its-Kind Event

Celebrating Continuous Improvement at UC San Diego

What started in 2017 as a unique event focused on business process improvement has spawned a universitywide embrace of continuous improvement and business excellence.

Process Palooza is now a recurring event. All are welcome - UC San Diego staff, as well as those from other UCs, Cal State campuses and the local business community. 

Our goal with Process Palooza is to change campus culture by growing a continuous improvement mindset. We do this by sparking an interest in, and commitment to, continuous process improvement by learning from one another and seeing it in action. This fun-filled, highly engaging day includes:

  • Inspiring Speakers
  • Competition: The Great LSS Race- where real UC San Diego business processes are improved upon
  • Conference: Five learning tracks, something for everyone
  • Expo: Networking, community building activities and ways for attendees to share their continuous improvement story

More Than an Event

This is not just an event, it’s a movement! What started as a unique event to focus on business process improvement - Process Palooza - spawned a university-wide embrace of continuous improvement and business excellence. The first-of-its-kind event hit a max capacity of 500 participants, resulted in 30 practical improvement ideas across two large campus processes, engaged all VC areas, and launched two core initiatives to sustain this mindset shift: Lean Bench and Business Excellence Community of Practice. 

The story of Process Palooza begins here; where it ends is up to us! Read up on:

Event Recaps

Check out the videos below to see what Process Palooza is all about!