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A Unique, First-of-its-Kind Event

Celebrating Continuous Improvement at UC San Diego

In 2017, an extraordinary event centered around enhancing business processes kicked off, leading to a universitywide adoption of continuous improvement and business excellence.

Process Palooza has now evolved into a regular occurrence, inviting participants from various backgrounds, such as UC San Diego staff, other UCs, Cal State campuses, and the international business community.

The primary objective of Process Palooza is to instill a culture shift by cultivating a mindset of continuous improvement. This is accomplished by generating interest and dedication to ongoing process enhancement through mutual learning and witnessing its practical application. Process Palooza guarantees thought-provoking speakers, informative presentations, a competition focusing on process improvement, and opportunities for networking and relationship-building.

More Than an Event

Process Palooza is not simply an event; it has evolved into a powerful movement. Going beyond a singular occasion, Process Palooza has sparked a universitywide embrace of continuous improvement and business excellence. The inaugural event, unprecedented in its kind, reached its maximum capacity with 500 participants. It yielded an impressive outcome of 30 practical improvement ideas that were implemented across two extensive campus processes. Moreover, it successfully engaged all VC areas and gave rise to two fundamental initiatives, namely Lean Bench and Business Excellence Community of Practice (BECOP), which are aimed at maintaining this transformative shift in mindset.

The story of Process Palooza begins here; where it ends is up to us! Read up on:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Event Highlights

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