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The Great Innovate Competition

Real Processes, Real Results, Really Fun!

The Great Innovate Competition pits six teams (each comprised of six competitors) against one another to improve real UC San Diego business processes using Lean Six Sigma.

Day 1 of the competition is all about process improvement.

Day 2 is when each team presents their improvements to a panel of judges, who then pick the winning teams for each of the business process scenarios.

The winning teams get showcased and receive prizes later that day at The Great Innovate Awards Ceremony.

Applications for the 2024 Great Innovate Competition are now being accepted! Head over to the Compete page to apply to become 1 of 36 competitors flexing their LSS skills to improve real UC San Diego business processes!

Below you can explore competitions and winning improvements from previous years.


Previous Competitions


Summer Session Schedule

DEPARTMENT: Summer Session Office
Developed a system to pull only information pertaining to new classes, alleviating the need to manually pull data and minimizing the delays inherent in parsing this data. Implemented an automatic notification system whenever a new course is approved, minimizing errors on both the department side and on the student side. The end result reduces processing time from weeks to a few days.

2023 Recap and Teams

Academic Planning Form

PROGRAM: Study Abroad
Developed a pilot e-form that routes through various departments/colleges across divisions based upon student majors/minors, which has never been done before. Gained support for a dedicated development team who is continuing to automate the process.

2021 Recap and Teams

Patient Flow & Capacity Management

DEPARTMENT: Health Transfer Center
24% increase in volume and 0.5% increase in acceptance rate during the period of January to June 2019 when compared with the baseline period of January to June 2018.

2018 Recap and Teams

Department Vehicle Request

DEPARTMENT: Fleet Services
Implemented a policy-supported vetting process which resulted in 50% reduction of new vehicles procured, equating to $1.1 million reduction in annual costs.

2018 Recap and Teams

Travel Request

DEPARTMENT: Associated Students
$96,000 savings, 41% reduction in processing time, 50% reduction of rework, 50% reduction of advising time, increased customer satisfaction by 80%, increased process understanding by 100%.

2017 Recap and Teams

New Employee Commute Options

DEPARTMENT: Transportation Services
By implementing a small number of improvements, achieved $105K in labor savings and 30% reduction of in-person processing.

2017 Recap and Teams

Go Inside The Great Innovate!

Hear straight from a winning competitor what it’s like to put your skills to the ultimate LSS test.

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