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Flex Your LSS Muscles 

Calling all Lean Six Sigma enthusiasts! It’s time for kaizen calisthenics, fishbone fitness and DMAIC deadlifts.

Train Up powered by Process Palooza is UC San Diego’s start-to-finish program to empower you to learn and apply Lean Six Sigma (LSS) in your job.

Your regimen starts with Yellow Belt training on campus and continues through Green and Black belt classes at UC San Diego Extension.

Why Get Trained?

Change is all around us. Working in modern higher education is all about doing more with less. Goal #5 of the UC San Diego Strategic Plan invokes the word efficient 14 times. By understanding and applying LSS in your role, you’ll

  • Positively improve university operations
  • Stand out as a trusted source for ideas and solutions
  • Enhance your career prospects for both lateral and upward moves

How to Get Trained Up

First Visit to the Gym: Yellow Belt Training with Operational Strategic Initiatives (OSI)

This one-day class covers the basics. You’ll learn LSS terminology and be led through and exercise that showcases the power of process improvement in action. Learn more via OSI, and get resources for specialized Yellow Belt training just for your unit.

40k Jog for Lean Six Sigma: Green Belt Training at UC San Diego Extension

Yellow Belt is just the warm-up. You’ve barely broken a sweat! Green Belt classes at UC San Diego Extension offer a true deep dive into the intricacies of LSS. You’ll attend class six full days over a four-month period. What’s more, you’ll complete a capstone project that must demonstrate a $40,000 ROI. Courses are available online, in-person or hybrid and run $1,995 - $2,495. Discuss with your department leadership the tuition fee as an investment toward future savings more than pay for the class. Learn more online or contact for more information.

Going the Distance: Black Belt Training at UC San Diego Extension

You’ve got your Green Belt and are feeling good, but you’re not at the pinnacle yet. That’s Black Belt territory, when you’ve truly mastered all things LSS. This 12-session program ends with a capstone project resulting in $100,000 ROI. Tuition runs $5,495 and includes specialized software, textbooks and certificate processing fee. Learn more online or contact for more information.

Other Opportunities to Stay in Shape

On the day of Process Palooza 2020, small workshops and breakout sessions will be available for you to get in the zone. Practice using LSS tools, discuss obstacles and lessons learned in continuous improvement efforts!